Color of the Year!

April 4, 2013

Creative industries like mine follow the Pantone color report and this year they have named “emerald,” color of the year for 2013. That means you are going to see it popping up everywhere my friends! Think, The Emerald City (so timely with the new film, Oz: The Great & Powerful), or freshly sprouted grass, the kind you see when you have a wheat grass shot at the gym and they cut it fresh from the tray).

This does not mean that you have to get rid of everything from last year. All of your newly added orange accessories are safe, in fact they coordinate with the emerald perfectly! I can hear your collective sigh of relief from here (LOL)! An easy way to add some emerald to your life to assure that you are tres-chic, is to add it sparingly in accessories for both your home and your wardrobe. I have a fantastic new pair of emerald jeans for spring! Too much for you? You will find that everything from scarves, to pocket squares, to throw pillows, to totes and handbags can go emerald with minimal effort.

I just added an amazing Greek key trim to the edge of chocolate brown silk drapery panels in my guest bedroom and guess what? The trim is cream and emerald! Sounds like I’m being very trendy right!? But, truth be told, home colors change more slowly than in fashion so, I am not worried that I will find my trim suddenly out of style come the fall, and since it is only a trim I can change it on a whim without breaking the bank or making a big effort.

Trends come and trends go. I am in full support of enlivening your style and your lives anyway you can! Emerald is the thing that you can add to your existing home and your existing clothing to give both a kick-in-the-pants! AND…it looks great on almost any skin tone and compliments any color you can think of. Take a leap of faith with me, buy yourself something emerald green. You will look snappy, your room will be brighter and people will notice that you are a stylish person to be reckoned with!