Spring Clean Your LIFE!

April 10, 2013

I love putting up my holiday decorations and decorating my tree! I also love when, after the holidays are over, putting it all away, clean and organized. I clean the house top to bottom (ok, I admit to having help, sue me!) to start the new year off right! Then, along comes spring and that feeling of renewal you had a few months earlier becomes an overwhelming need to START FRESH!

I always begin my spring cleaning with my dressing room. Time to assess what I’ve got and what I need for a new season. Here in Palm Springs where I live, spring comes early. By March, the day time temperatures can be in the mid to upper 80s, that means t-shirts, shorts and the usual summer gear is time to make an appearance! Preparing my wardrobe to make the transition from cooler weather style to warm weather fabulous, professional and comfortable takes some planning. You may think that planning my wardrobe is kind of self indulgent, maybe even a little bit “nellie” but, what it really does is make my life easier and getting dressed each day simpler. Oh, and damn, I look good every day because of it! LOL

First things first…I decide what I am keeping from last spring/summer season. I take a look at everything and try it on to check for needed repair, shrinkage, fading, or anything that might render it…donation time. Second, I make a quick list of items i know I will need. Usually, this means fresh t-shirts, especially white and black. Neither of those basics lasts beyond one season if you want them to look good or look good in them! I buy multiples of both black and white, as well as, crew necks and v-necks. This, “need” list will always include some new jeans and this year it will again include lots of colored jeans, YAY! Then it’s on to my fun list, the “Must Have” list! I love deciding on what my wardrobe needs to ensure that I am styling the office, pool, gym, weekend BBQ, etc. With Pinterest, I know longer have to keep magazines or tear sheets of clothes and gear I want, I just keep it all on my Designer Dann, Pinterest board, “Fashion Forward Men’s Style”. Now, anytime I want a little inspiration about what to buy or what to wear, I simply pull up the Pinterest site and find all the fashion I am craving!

After the closet is ready for Spring, I head into my bedroom where I change all my bedding. Yes, like my grandmother and mother before me I flip my mattress. I know the salesman in your mattress store told you you bought a “no flip” mattress but, trust someone who makes a living at, Living Well, you NEED TO FLIP YOUR MATTRESS, It will last longer and be more comfortable! Then I lighten up the sheets and coverlet and duvet. I even change my down comforter from winter weight to, summer weight. Sounds like a lot of work I know but, there is nothing more important to me than my comfort. My home and my bedroom and MY BED in particular, are a haven for me. I want to feel comforted, embraced, safe and cocooned in my bed and so, I do the work! Besides, it only happens that way twice a year, so get over it and start Living Well! LOL I even change the throw pillows on the bed. Those pillows are NOT just for decoration on my bed! I LOVE when I get a chance to spend an evening or afternoon in bed, watching TV or reading or catching up on my phone calls. I use every pillow on the bed so, come spring i want throw pillows to be lighter and softer and cooler. I exchange the velvets and tweeds for linens and soft cottons. It makes me happy and comfortable.

I carry over the same, “Lighten It Up” theme into my living room. I put the heavier throws away, in favor for lighter and thinner versions for chilly evenings. The same goes for the throw pillows! I lighten up on accessories and I even change out photos in my frames to express my lighter mind set! Here is one of my little tricks…Spring cleaning time is when I gather up and throw away every half used candle cup in the house! Nothing else will give you the instant lift of cleaning up all those half burned, black rimmed candle cups you have been burning all winter! A fresh candle and a fresh scent, it reminds the senses that the change has already come!

Oh, and get yourself a big glass bowl of green apples for your counter or coffee table! It actually works for all seasons but, there is something about spring that just makes me feel them even more!

Live Well Everyone!