Lighten Up!

April 24, 2013

I love to change up my look at home as the seasons change. My clients call me with the same thought and they want to know how to lighten up for spring/summer or how to “rich” it up for fall/winter. I have never believed that one of my interiors was some sort of time capsule, never to be touched or changed or updated. Sometimes clients have thought that never changing anything I have done for them is a compliment… I think it’s kind of creepy (LOL)! Your rooms are supposed to change and evolve with you and through the year.

I remember when my mother and my grandmother, “summerized” our homes. Pulling out the floral slip covers and the lighter draperies and bedspreads, etc. to create a lighter, more colorful home for spring and summer. For most of us, that is impractical today. Forget about the expense, I honestly don’t know anyone who has the time to make that kind of effort today!

It’s actually pretty easy to give your rooms a fresh summer look without killing yourself. My rule for this effort is simple, I need to complete it in one Saturday morning. Throws, throw pillows, rugs, these are the obvious changes you can make quickly. I have discussed these with you before but, here are a few more hints that will make a big impact with little time or effort… Clean out your fireplace. It’s simple, get that little shovel hanging next to the poker and get rid of all of the ashes and cinders. You do not have to wash it out, just sweep up the mess left from burning fires this past winter.

For those of you with wood burning fireplaces, I love to take cut white birch logs and create a tepee effect with the wood, standing it up in the center. The white birch is bright and fresh and the clean firebox is a perfect backdrop for the new wood. I have even removed the metal grate and stood the white birch up in a great rectangular basket for a great summer look!

If you have a gas fireplace, you do not want to remove your cement logs and embers from underneath but, you do want them to be clean. Simply take a duster to your logs and use the bellows to blow dust off the embers and gravel below. I then like to place an open fireplace screen in front of the firebox. For my clients, we do rather expensive, custom made screens but, you can find many different screens online and at retail stores everywhere today. One that is a great choice is a screen with votive candle cups that hang on the back side, ingenious! lighting the candles when a fire is too warm is a great look. Or, simply use a mix of pillar candles and votives placed on your logs. The look is so terrific and inviting when you have friends in or even just for a night at home by yourself!

Lighten up, freshen up, renew!