Summer Casual

May 1, 2013

It may be a bit early for most of you to discuss your summer casual wardrobes but, I live in Palm Springs, California and it is already in the 90’s here. I love the warm weather but, I dread the dreck that I am already seeing on the street! When did casual start meaning, sloppy and slovenly?? Seriously people, who told you that wearing the same t-shirt you slept in, out on the street with old flip flops and shorts that are too big and too baggy, was a good look!? Yes, I am talking to men now but, women aren’t doing any better. Ladies, just because low cut and skinny is a trend does NOT mean you should all be wearing it!

Please, I am begging all of you, take more pride in yourselves this summer. You can be casual, you can be comfortable and you can STILL be someone who is admired and taken seriously in your clothes. Here is the best tip I can offer both sexes, get a pedicure! There is nothing attractive about looking at filthy, untended, scaly feet in sandals of any kind! Yes guys, pedicures are for you too! You can even ask for a private room in most salons if you are too embarrassed to sit with your feet in the pedicure bath.

I once thought that this advice was common sense but, I only have to drive down the street in Palm Springs to see locals and tourists alike, looking like homeless people. So, here are some basics that everyone can take away with them. If you insist on wearing flip-flops, invest in a new pair! Forcing those of us around to see your dirty foot and toe impressions in the base of your flip-flop is enough to turn the stomach. I know some of you will think this harsh but, this is for your own good, I promise! in the immortal words of Joan Crawford in the film, Mommie Dearest, “It’s not the flip-flop Carolann, it’s the dirty toe impressions!”. OK, I took some poetic license with the original line, but I’m sure you get my point.

Oh, and one more thing for the guys…sleeveless t-shirts are NOT meant for restaurants. Plain and simple rule and your fellow dining guests will thank you for your efforts!