Fit Is Everything!

June 5, 2013

Every time I have designed someone’s home, I inevitably end up reworking their wardrobe(s) as well.   It is a natural extension of what I do.  When you have new rooms, you want a new look to go with them!  I approach a wardrobe the same way I approach a room.  I first listen to what the client tells me he or she is wants.  I look at their lifestyle.  I ask questions and I inspect what I have to work with.  In this case, I want to see what is already in the closet.

I have some really simple tips for everyone when it comes to having a great wardrobe that is easy to live with and you feel great in all the time.  The key to any winning wardrobe is FIT.  FIT, FIT, FIT!  I cannot stress it enough!  Very little else matters if your clothes don’t properly fit.  I can rock a t-shirt or I can sport a tux.  Either way I make sure they both fit.  The biggest mistake most people (and I mean both men and women) is that they are not wearing the right size.  Men, in general buy clothes too big and women, in general buy clothes either too big or too small but, seldom the right size…especially their bras!  How can you expect to look and feel great if your bra is not properly fitted!?

You can wear all the designer clothes in the world if you want. If you are buying the wrong size or you don’t have them properly tailored, it won’t matter. Buying expensive clothes does not assure proper fit either.  The best advice I can offer is, you must try on everything you buy!  I make it a rule with my clients that, they will not buy anything that they do not first, try on.  Trying on garments is the first step and you have to try on A LOT OF CLOTHES to find the ones that are right for you!  There is no way around this hard and fast rule and it is the difference between you and the person we all know, who is always looked up to for their style.

I want you to be the person looked to for what you wear to work, or to dinner, or to a party.  Be a force in your clothes!