Beau Stinnette

Beau StinnetteBeau Stinnette
DANNinc. Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Beau Stinnette has been with DANN Inc for the last 15 years as Design Assistant, Office Manager, Project Manager, Brand Manager, Business Partner and CFO.

Beau has always worn many hats for DANN  and DANN is often heard saying “Beau makes it possible every day for me to be DANN!”

Beau’s significant business experience, good taste and attention to detail have been a perfect fit for DANN who is always on the go for clients and his brand partners.

Beau over sees each aspect of all jobs from handling budgets  and contracts to onsite appointments and contractors to meeting deadlines and the actual job site installation.

For over a decade Beau has been DANN’s right hand man and together they have formed a great business partnership while transforming spaces and making it possible for clients to live their best lives, every day.