Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Design has a reputation for being cold and cookie cutter. The biggest concerns seem to be, how many desks can you fit into a space and how little can you spend to furnish your reception and conference rooms. At Dann Inc. we put the same amount of creativity, effort and cost effectiveness into commercial design projects as we do private homes. Reception areas tell a story of who the business is, think of that space as the same thing as curb appeal for your home. First impressions are lasting!

                             Before                                                                                           After

I love to begin with the entry space because it sets the tone for all who enter. The lobby should be beautiful and comfortable and luxurious and sophisticated, like a living room. It also must be professional, durable and convey a sense of who this collection of people are and what they do.

                                                  Before                                                                                         After

Case in point, this periodontists office in Southern California. This was actually the second time Dann Inc. designed the same office because the increase in business the office saw after opening their new, beautiful space warranted another expansion. We taught them that creating an atmosphere of comfort and beauty would help to allay some of the usual dentist fears that we all suffer with. So, for the second time around we agreed that the reception area would have to be first and foremost comforting, assuring and beautiful in a “residential” feel. That meant comfortable upholstery, custom made wallpaper and paneling, a custom made aquarium built in to the new paneling, a coffee and cold beverage bar, custom shade and blinds and original artwork, as well as, custom furnishings, an iron chandelier over a stone and iron presentation table and in this case, some incredible painted arm chairs! Wow, that was a mouthful and the results of all our efforts are evident in the amazing Before & After pictures!

When constructing an interior for commercial use we must consider many additional factors we do not usually have to address in residential work. The most important one being, wearability. From the flooring to the fabric, from the upholstery to the finishes. The flow and traffic patterns of any office can wreak havoc on flooring, paint, wallpaper, fabric and the like. These areas wear quickly and in contrast to the other less used areas can make the interior age, or appear to age much quicker. I am a stickler for selecting materials that can take a beating without compromising the esthetic of the space. Durability, sustainability, longevity are key words in my commercial work.
Working with the business owners we create an environment that makes everyone comfortable so that their tasks can be completed in a surrounding of handsome/beautiful professionalism. Taking a completely blank commercial space and turning into office, or restaurants or boutiques takes a great day of background work. We can also be hired to create the design plan and make specifications for your commercial project without having to become involved in the management or purchasing for your space.

At Dann Inc. we charge for these services in two parts. First there are hourly fees for time spent on the interior detailing and renderings, meetings and contractor/builder conferencing. The purchasing phase of the contract is handled on a percentage of goods sold for the space. We are open to discussing all commercial projects and welcome your inquiries.