Interior Design Project

DANN Foley has created luxurious lifestyles through interior design for over 20 years. His clients range from celebrities to every day people. His design style is extremely diverse and very detailed. DANN’s expertise and keen eye have granted him work across the  United States in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Savannah, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Pittsburgh, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Charleston, Long Island, Portland, and many cities in between. Abroad DANN is known as a international icon and leader in the interior design community and industry. The British love his traditional style in London, United Kingdom (U.K.) and then hopping the pond to Victoria, B.C., Vancouver and throughout Canada the Canadians love him too! DANN is even currently working on a major interior design palace project in Saudia Arabia. Click here to see DANN’s extensive portfolio