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Renovation Project Charleston, North Carolina

“We can live with the past without living in the past,” is Dann’s motto. This remodel was for a historically registered and certified in Charleston SC, also known as the John Tinneman House. The house is said to be built in 1846, pre-American Revolution. John Tinneman and several members of his extended family lived in Charleston and became successful merchants with family members owning several homes in the downtown area. John Tinneman was said to own much of the land around Judith Street and the public park just around the corner from this residence which is named in his honor.

The home is what is known as a Charleston single. That means that the house is a narrow long structure that extends away from the street. The front entry door opens onto a piazza that is two storied and runs the length of the house from front to back. The home’s entrance door is in the center of the piazza and opens to a center stair hall. The stair cases rises the 3 stories and there is essentially two rooms on each floor, one on each side of the staircase. There are 4 fireplaces, one in each room of the first and second floors and the first two floors have 10 1/2′ foot ceilings. The floors, fireplaces and staircase are original to the house. The property is also walled and gated with both a pedestrian gate and gated driveway from the street.


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Our job was to fully renovate and redecorate the residence, which had been poorly cared for and badly renovated in the past. This included a new kitchen, new bathrooms, reopening the existing fireplace chimneys, landscaping, fountain renovation and all new systems for the house. We replaced the front door with mahogany (in keeping with the Historical Societies R&Rs) as well as, adding gas lanterns and custom shutters to the exterior. To complete the project, we furnished the piazzas as well as the interiors with a mix of the clients art and personal items as well as new furnishings.


The interiors are not to be museum-like. Our goal was to create what I have referred to as the “New Charleston” style for my clients. This meant a blending of old and new. I used both antiques & reproductions mixed with midcentury modern items and contemporary pieces and art. We blended many cherished family pieces and those items which they have collected while spending a great deal of time in the orient on business. The ultimate purpose is to create a home that is luxuriously beautiful and stunningly sophisticated while being warm, inviting and supremely comfortable.

The kitchen is designed around a custom colored La Cornue French made range. Nothing seemed more appropriate for the house and the new open kitchen/dining room plan makes it imperative that the kitchen be gorgeous and appropriately styled for its surroundings.

Project Gallery

The photos are examples from the interior of the home including the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and master bath. Enjoy!