Modern Re-Do

Rancho Mirage, CA

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This is a perfect example of how to take a tired old contemporary and give it completely new life for a work-weary couple in need of some serious R&R. I am very proud of my work on this home but I cannot take all of the credit. I became a part of the perfect-storm team of builder/architectural designer & interior designer. Together we all created a home both visually stunning and comfortable to the extreme.

The entire property was gutted. From the front curb through to the back property line everything is new. From the landscape, to the interior systems, to the Nana walls, to the swimming pool, every square inch of this property has been re-envisioned for modern living. The incredible views have been enhanced and framed with a neutral interior of rich textures and sumptuous materials both indoors and out.

  • Colors
  • Furniture
  • Outdoors

Creating a beautiful neutral interior is actually the most difficult. The trick is to blend shades of color and texture to keep the spaces interesting without allowing them to look flat or bland. The task is both visual and tactile and a finished neutral room is both soothing and inspiring. It is imperative to consider every item, every finish and every surface.

For this particular home the homeowner was most fond of clean lines and subtle details. Patterns were kept to a minimum and their palette was soft. Finishes and materials on all of the furnishings take the place of ornamentation. The blend of wood grains, inlay, metal and shagreen keep the clean room visually stimulating.

This is the quintessential outdoor lifestyle location, and the retractable glass walls and continuous stone flooring enhances the feeling. The color palette and the mix of textures extend to the outdoors and the pool area. A fire pit, viewing platform and a pizza oven complete the story of an ultimate outdoor living space. The pristine green of the golf course and the mountains beyond are like art murals for the house.

Project Gallery

The photos are from the interior of the home including the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and outdoor living area. Enjoy!