Residential Service

Dann Inc is a truly unique lifestyle company.  This extends to the way we charge for our services as well.  We want our clients to be thrilled with their finished rooms and homes.  Part of making them happy is ensuring that the billing process is smooth and without surprises!  If my clients have a beautiful home but, it cost them twice what we had discussed, well then, no one is really happy in the end.  My job is create beauty and do it in a way that is as exciting and as pain free as possible.

To that end, we simplify how we approach each project by streamlining both the design and billing process.  We charge a one time, upfront design fee.  This is based on the number of rooms and/or size of the project.  This fee is to get you to your design presentation, which includes our initial meetings and conversations to develop your design style, sourcing, drawings, samples, presentation materials and the budget for all of the specified work.  This is where Dann Inc. really becomes client-friendly…the budget is broken down room by room and item by item.  By doing this, our client will know, down to the last nickel, the total cost of their project.  Including all shipping, storage and deliver charges.  This is before they have spent any money at all! There are no hidden costs!

I can say with pride that on several occasions my clients have been so impressed with the presentation and the budgeting that they have said, “If you can really give me this design, at that price, I will write the check in full right now but, you cannot come back and ask me for another penny.”  And I have done it, every time!

I take my clients trust and their monies seriously.  I am famous for saying, “I will spend every dime you put on the table but, I will always spend it wisely.”


Additional Services

Often times, we are called in during the design process, or we asked to review properties for their potential.  We work with our clients, their architects, developers, contractors, etc.  We go where we are needed to ensure our designs are properly executed as presented and approved by our clients.   Hourly fees are charged in new construction projects where multiple site visits and material and/or finish selections are necessary.  These fees are negotiated prior to beginning work and are applied to design and office time for Dann and staff members working directly on your project.


Lifestyle Design Services

As a true Lifestyle Design company, we get involved in every aspect of our clients lives.  This includes planning the perfect house warming party to share your new home.  We dress our clients for any occasion and style their wardrobes.  We shop both with and for our clients for any reason.  Making sure you are living your best life is our goal.

We have styled celebrities for the red carpet and redressed our clients for the office.  We set tables and plan weddings.  We design invitations, flowers, uniforms and menus for parties.  We shop for furniture and accessories to give tired rooms a pick-me-up.  We know beauty and deliver it to our clients.

These services are billed for on an hourly basis plus, a percentage of purchases.